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Remediation of Algae Blooms, Heavy Metals, and Toxic Chemicals 


Algae removal program with Biochar

One of the benefits of Biochar is its ability to remove pollutants from water bodies, such as algae blooms, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals. Biochar can act as a filter, adsorbent, or catalyst to capture and degrade these contaminants. For example, Biochar can reduce the excess nutrients that cause algae blooms by binding them to its surface or enhancing microbial activity. Biochar can also immobilize heavy metals and other toxic chemicals by forming complexes or altering their speciation and thus encapsulating them indefinitely. By applying Biochar to ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers it is possible to substantially improve water quality and restore aquatic ecosystems. For independent lab reports of results, click HERE

The following illustrations represent our step-by-step process for remediation of algae, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals from ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

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James Gaspard's presentation on the BioChar Now algae removal program

Peer Review Journal Articles on the Remediation of water from Toxic Substances 

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