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When the BioChar conversion process is complete, the raw BioChar size is too large for practical use and therefore is processed in a crushing and screening workstation. The output produces four sizes - chip, medium, small, and powder. Each size has its own uses as can be seen in the table below.


Package selection information

Unlike those that sell BioChar by weight, we sell by volume, due to the fact that BioChar absorbs almost 6 times its weight in water, which is not fair to the customer.

Cubic Foot Plastic Bag
1 ft³ = 0.028317 m³


Cubic Yard Super Sack
1 yd³ = 0.764555 m³ 


How Much Biochar Will I Need for Optimum Results?

For small garden beds use 2-5% Biochar per volume of soil. For large acreage coverage, the average amount of Biochar to be used is 4 cubic yards per acre.

BioChar Price List.png

Purchase & Delivery Details

Call or e-mail us and let us know the quantity you wish to purchase, the product size, and your address for delivery, and we will email you an invoice with a secure link to pay by credit card. Invoice will include shipping costs and approximate time of delivery.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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