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Manufacturing Process


Superior (Patented) Technology
Batch Kilns System 

Biochar Now (BN) uses a slow-pyrolysis technology in a vacuum environment to make its BioChar. The BN kiln process is approximately a 24-to-26-hour process from the initial 10-hour chemical conversion followed  igniting of each kiln to the end-product, ready for delivery. The process is an 8 to by a 16-hour cooling period, plus a period for unloading, processing and reloading the kiln with raw wood. Each kiln can hold approximately 11 cubic yards of waste wood feedstock which is subjected to intense heat from the chemical reaction during the conversion period. During the conversion period the wood waste is slowly transformed within the kiln chamber in a vacuum and is turned into a pure organic carbon. In general, each kiln load will produce approximately 600 lbs. of BioChar.  

To manage the conversion period BN developed a sophisticated and cost-effective computer control system based on a proprietary algorithm controlling each kiln. The system allows for independent operation and eliminates central points of failure. The proprietary system manages each conversion for optimum quality, consistency, yield, process time and adapts to local environmental conditions without human assistance. The computerized control system includes company-designed firmware, software, and recipe programming. 

Sixteen (16) patents have been awarded on company-developed kilns, manufacturing processes, emission control mechanics, kiln transport tools and more. Kilns are picked up by a patented, pincer-gripper mounted on a wheel loader for easy transport to the crushing/screening/bagging and filling workstations. The gripper also has a rotor motor for quick emptying of the carbon. 

Each kiln, while in operation, uses the PLC hardware that is mounted on the central poles each serving two kilns. When the conversion period is completed, the PLC is disconnected as the kilns are moved for cooling. The next pair of kilns preloaded with feedstock can then be connected to the PLC hardware for the start of the next cycle of conversions. BN has been steadily increasing the number of conversions accomplished each quarter, by periodically installing more PLC hardware and infrastructure. The ramp up will be more easily and quickly accomplished given the modular system designed by simply adding identically produced copies of kilns and infra-structure. 

Our Go to Market Strategy  

We are now ready to mass scale by rolling out our plan for a global consortium through Joint Ventures. If your company is interested in getting in on the ground floor with us on these emerging and soon to be ubiquitous commodities (BioChar & Carbon Credits), go to our contact page and leave your information and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

If you are a funds manager for a private equity fund, institutional investor, or family office looking for impact investments with high returns, feel free to reach out to us and leave your contact information. Investing in our proprietary patented kilns, is like investing in devices which produce gold bricks. They don't call "BioChar, The New Black Gold" for nothing!

Screenshot from
BioChar Flow Chart

Portable furnace with lid and emission control stack


The BioChar Now site is organized with furnaces grouped around a power pole and then replicated to support the number of furnaces desired

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