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After months of research and due diligence as to the best company overall in the large scale production and industrial ready scalability of both high quality BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, and immense practical “know how”, Tree of Life Biotech took a strategic decision to partner with BioChar Now, LLC. and leverage the many achievements and milestones which it has reached over the past 12 years. These achievements include 16 issued patents, and certifications including ISO, US-EPA, USDA Bio-preferred, CEPA (Canada), OMRI (Organic Certification), and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. We also have the ability to offer and sell Carbon Credits.


For this reason its the ONLY company in the world whose BioChar and Carbon Credits are insured by a major US crop insurance company. To date, these achievements have not been reached by any other company in the world. This gives us first mover advantage. We are very proud and honored to have partnered with Biochar Now, that in our humble opinion, is the best company in the Biochar space on many metrics & levels and which will help guarantee for Tree of Life Biotech accelerated growth potential well into the future.

Our decision to partner with Biochar Now stemmed from the fact that most companies in the world (over 350) produce a very poor quality and consistency of Biochar with a low carbon and high ash content, as well as low surface area. While every type of Biochar does have its use for very specific purposes, and therefore a market, it limits the number of vertical markets which we could actively pursue which require the use of only high grade engineered premium Biochar that can be manufactured consistently on a massive scale.


Another factor we had to do extensive time consuming research on, was on the companies (75+ Internationally), which manufacture the Pyrolysis Kilns needed to produce Biochar. What we discovered was that many of the companies DO NOT focus on manufacturing premium engineered Biochar, instead their main focus is placed on the production of Bio-Diesel, Jet Fuel, Tars, and Wood Vinegar, with the Biochar being the waste by-product which turns out in most cases, to be of very low quality and therefore not suitable for the vast array of vertical markets for Biochar which require ONLY premium engineered Biochar that has a very high carbon content, large surface area, and having both anionic and cationic properties. Our final conclusion after extensive research was that the only company in the world that we found that met all of our criteria and requirements, was Biochar Now, LLC. For us, the decision then became a "No Brainer" one.

It was also very important that the pyrolysis kilns that manufacture the Biochar be highly portable and be able to be moved to where the feed-stock is, making for a much smaller carbon footprint. It also permits it to be highly decentralized and distributed. 

By being focused on the manufacturing of premium Engineered Biochar, we are able to move far beyond just the agricultural market which is only a 1 time sale/application, and be able to penetrate many other repeat sale vertical markets which include:


  • Animal food supplement for Farm Animals (Cows, Chickens, etc...).

  • Environmental Cleanup of Contaminated Soil & Water (Brown Field Projects).

  • As an Additive to Concrete, Asphalt, Plastics, and Cardboard.

  • Carbon Credits (for every 1 ton of Biochar produced, 3 tons of CO2 offsets are 
    created. These credits can be sold or traded.

  • Medical and healthcare industry.

  • High Capacity Energy Storage Industry (Low Cost Green Batteries & Hydrogen Fuel Cells).


Tree of Lifes' activities will include the immediate sale of BioChar Now’s product line manufactured at it’s facilities in the USA to farmers in North America and to other parts of the world with special emphasis on the Middle East (to develop desert agriculture) and in Africa. 

In addition, we will be manufacturing the equipment for setting up of production lines with various strategic JV partners in North America and all over the globe which will help scale up and expand our planed BioChar Global Consortium. The immediate sale of our partner’s production capacity will allow us to generate revenues from the start.


The company will also setup its own first manufacturing facility in upstate New York, with rapid expansion into Kentucky, California, and Florida . We will also work closely with the North American Indian First Nations including our Canadian neighbors who sit on vast areas of forests which must be properly managed to avoid devastating forest fires which cause great environmental damage. It should be noted that in the US there is 10's of millions of acres of dead "Beetle Kill Trees", and in Canada over 50 million acres which are the perfect feed-stock for making high quality BioChar.

We expect that engineered premium Biochar will eventually become as ubiquitous as aluminum, steel, plastic, and concrete, but safer and more environmentally friendly.

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