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Biological Remediation of Poor Soil


"Soils that were sterile can re-grow"

Biochar offers a very cost-effective solution for binding toxins and preventing them from leaching into groundwater. And as a bonus, the soil that was sterile can now be fertile ground for new and healthy vegetation.

The process is carried out by capsular fixation of the heavy metals in the soil. Biochar prevents these pollutants from being flushed into the local water supply. The use of BioChar Coal accelerates the process of soil reclamation and the emergence of new vegetation with improved soil fertility and reduced erosion. Moreover, BioChar can rehabilitate "scorched and contaminated" lands  quickly.

Proof of BioChar's improvement capabilities can be found in many of the company's trials at abandoned mine sites across Colorado and other Western states. In a period of a year, the contaminated and sterile area's regrowth of vegetation was dramatic as can be seen in the photos below. This drastically reduces the risk of flushing the heavy metals into the ground water and contaminating the water supply used for human and agricultural consumption.


Example of scorched earth restoration utilizing BioChar Now's BioChar 

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