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Farm Animal Feed Supplement


Animal food supplement for Cows, Chickens and other Farm Animals:


About 90% of the BioChar produced in Europe is marketed as an animal food supplement where 1% BioChar Powder is mixed in with the animal feed. Studies have shown that when used as a dietary supplement for cows and chickens substantially improves their health, 25% faster increase in the weight of the animals, increases milk production and the laying of quality eggs, reduction or elimination of the need for antibiotics & growth hormones, and as an additive to the animal bedding substrate for chicken coops and cow barns which reduces or eliminates foot infections of the animals due to the BioChar’s absorption of moisture and ammonia which reduces harmful bacterial growth, substantial reduction of odors. (See Journal Article)

Studies have shown:

  • Animals gain weight 25% faster with the same rations


  • Significantly reduces methane emissions from the cow (I.e., reduces burping and gas)


  • Reduces antibiotic use


  • Reduces somatic cells while increasing the amount of milk production


  • Prevents mastitis


  • Biochar passes in the feces and then acts as  nutritional fixator that prevents it from seeping into the water


  • Reduces fecal odors and improves the quality of compost

  • Animals are generally healthier and don't get sick, thus saving substantially on veterinary expenses


Peer Review Articles on the Subject:

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