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Effective Odor Management and Control

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One of the many benefits of Biochar is that it can reduce or eliminate bad odors from various sources, such as animal manure, compost, wastewater and landfill. Our premium Biochar is a high-quality product that has been processed to enhance its properties and performance. It has a large surface area, a porous structure and a high carbon content.


These characteristics make it an effective adsorbent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, which are the main causes of bad odors. By applying premium Biochar to the source of the odor, it can trap and retain the odor-causing molecules, preventing them from escaping into the air. Premium Biochar can also improve the microbial activity and nutrient cycling in the soil, which can further reduce the odor generation. Premium Biochar is a natural, safe and sustainable solution for odor control.


Biochar Now used in DUCK LAKE in the USA

Peer Review Journal Articles on the Subject

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