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"Mightier than the tread of marching armies, is the power of an idea whose time has come."
(Victor Hugo)


Tree of Life Biotechnology, LLC. - "changing the future in the field of regenerative agriculture and the environment while having a positive effect on climate change"!

The use of Tree of Lifes' Premium Engineered BioChar products is leading the way to a positive revolution, from the farmer to the consumer's plate!


Scientific studies have proven the many benefits of using BioChar  in agricultural crops to include:


  • Improving soil fertility, and increasing yields per acre.

  • The trapping of water and fertilizer in the vicinity of the root zone, and their release according to the requirement of the plant, thus preventing leaching into, and contaminating ground water, and preventing costly waste of valuable resources.

  • Superior and quicker plant growth, and the development of strong and healthy roots.

  • Prosperity and increase of microorganisms, and reduction of soil acidity.

  • Significant savings in water, and fertilizer consumption, resulting in lowering  per acre production costs and increased profits.

  • Organic Agriculture.

  • Desert Agriculture.


Tree of Life is featuring and promoting the most advance BioChar manufacturing technology, and the premium products that will allow the farmer to invest in the soil, while reaping all the many benefits for a lifetime with a one time investment.

Certifications & Academia

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James the Winner

Our Partner BioChar Now Wins the 2022 THRIVE Global Impact Award

"Biochar Now LLC is honored to have won the People's Choice Award from The Global Impact Challenge! It is an honor to be recognized as a top 10 clean tech technology in the world out of over 500 other technologies. It is especially humbling to be favored by the public in what we do compared to all the other technologies. Thank you for your support!"

BioChar Now Award
THRIVE Global  Impact Challenge
THRIVE Award Sponsors

Biochar Now Featured in Newsweek's Innovation Section
“Five Tech Innovations That Could Help Save the Planet”

Biochar Now in the news

About Us

Tree of Life Biotechnology, LLC. (TOL-Biotech) is bringing to market technologies and products that promote healthier and more productive living, with a goal to empower sustainable agriculture, food security, and a positive impact on climate change.

Our mission is to provide Premium Engineered Biochar for the whole spectrum of vertical markets which include; regenerative agriculture, animal feed supplement, soil and water remediation of toxic chemicals & heavy metals, as an additive to concrete, plastics, asphalt, and cardboard, energy storage, and many other emerging applications.

After many months of research and due diligence as to the best company overall in the large scale production of high quality certified BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, not to mention immense practical “know how”, Tree of Life took a strategic decision to partner with BioChar Now, LLC.

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Visits Biochar Now
Featured on the Discovery Channel

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