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BioChar Uses & Applications

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"BioChar, The New Black Gold"!


"Biochar will become an ubiquitous commodity used in agriculture, materials  and a myriad of other applications – driven by its broad utility, plentiful supply, low cost, and a negative carbon footprint".

The Many Uses & Applications for BioChar


To date, there are over 55 known uses for BioChar with many more being discovered every month. As just a small sample of all the peer reviewed journal articles abstracts of new scientific findings & research leading to practical applications for BioChar click HERE.

It turns out that the stable carbon matrix that BioChar is made of has all kinds of interesting properties. This carbon matrix can hold on to things – water, air, metals and organic chemicals, and it also has unique thermal and electrical properties that are still being explored. Finally, the highly porous physical structure of BioChar provides habitat for microorganisms. With so many different properties, BioChar is bound to have a lot of different uses, but one function that all BioChar applications (other than burning it for fuel) share is carbon sequestration. By fixing easily degradable plant carbon into long-lasting carbon, carbon dioxide is slowly but surely removed from the atmosphere. It is one of the most versatile materials known to man, no wonder it is considered and being called the “New Black GOLD”!

BioChar Many uses
BioChar Properties & Uses
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