Covid-19 Test Kits

Tree of Life Biotechnology has just recently partnered with Tokimus Biotech, Inc. to help distribute its product line of rapid CoVid-19 test kits and lab equipment for North America & Mexico. All Products are NON-CHINA; being South Korea sourced from established biomedical companies. Tokimus Biotech is a wholesale FDA & US Customs registered, direct importer, representative of PCR Testing Kits, and various accessories and equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: “Covid-19 products are not US-FDA approved but offers of test products are made available via FDA’s EUA (Emergency Use) regulatory provisions, OR to CLIA authorized labs, and testing centers”  

PCR Test Kits

One of our key suppliers SEASUN Biomaterials, Inc. offers THREE versions of RT-PCR Tests including their most comprehensive 2 hour, multi-gene spectrum of entire Coronavirus (called U-TOP) that has ability to discern a Flu/Respiratory illness from a Covid-19 result.

Through throat or nasal swabs, this test detects the genetic information of the virus, or its RNA. This will exist only if the virus is there and someone is actively infected. Samples are sent to centralized labs for analysis. Generally these are the most reliable tests. Accessories include VTM/Swabs and RNA extraction kits. Three versions are available:

SEASUN’s products have been highly rated, and are in use in over a dozen countries successfully, and in USA:

  1. U-Top the multi-gene full Coronavirus genetics- 2 hour test (runs 96 tests concurrently; able to process1,100+ test in 24 hours; per machine, run by lab technicians).

  2. AQ-Top Gene 30 minute test (runs 96 concurrently; to process 3,000+ tests per 24 hours, per machine)

  3. AQ-Top Plus Rapid- 15 minute test for a positive/negative only results, no need for RNA extraction (able to process 5,000+ tests per 24 hours) 

All the above tests are processed using BIORAD and THERMOFISCHER machines. (commonly known and used lab equipment). For more info and prices click HERE

SEASUN also produces accessories including the RNA Extraction Kit & Swab/VTM Combos-ALL FDA-510k cleared.


Seasun Biomaterials’ COVID-19 RT-PCR Test Kit (Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction)

VTM (Viral Transport Medium) swabs for the PCR tests

CoVid-19 Molecular Rapid Testing System

Suitable for Airports, Schools, Factories, Military installations, Companies with a high number of employees, Government installations.

Antibody Test

Our Antibody test kit identifies people who have previously been infected with COVID-19. This test provides a good way to track the spread of the coronavirus through a population, and it can identify people exposed to the virus but who may not have experienced symptoms. Also, once identified as having antibodies that indicate recovery, plasma from these individuals may be used to treat very ill COVID-19 patients.  For more info and prices click HERE


Antibody test from Shin Jin Medics

Our COVID-19 Test Kit Suppliers


Seasun Biomaterials

Operating since 2012, Seasun Biomaterials of Daejeon, South Korea is an in vitro diagnostic company that develops molecular diagnostic platforms for infectious diseases, cancer and genetic and epigenetic disorders. They hold a license of Medical Device Manufacturing granted by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and are certified by the US Centers for Disease Control as a DNA testing institution.  The manufacturing facility is ISO 13485 certified and the company holds a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate. For more information visit


Shin Jin Medics Inc.  


Since 1992, Shin Jin Medics has developed and manufactured a wide range of diagnostic kits and instruments and has become a global leader for immunodiagnostic (including COVID-19 antibody tests) and life science technology. Shin Jin Medics is authorized to sell its COVID-19 Antibody testing kit in the United States via the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the US Food and Drug Administration and, is in process via application in Canada for regulatory clearances there, via Health Canada. They are known for the highest quality diagnostic reagents and instruments (as per brochure): “FDA-EUA per Notification.”. For more information visit


GeneSolution Co. Ltd.

Founded in 2019, GeneSolution is a global biotechnology company based in Incheon, South Korea. The company has emerged rapidly as a leading, international supplier of COVID-19 sample collection kits. For more information visit

ELISA biomedical system

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an immunological assay commonly used to measure antibodies, antigens, proteins and glycoproteins in biological samples. Some examples include: CoVid-19, diagnosis of HIV infection, pregnancy tests, and measurement of cytokines or soluble receptors in cell supernatant or serum. ELISA assays are generally carried out in 96 well plates, allowing multiple samples to be measured in a single experiment. These plates need to be special absorbant plates (e.g. NUNC Immuno plates) to ensure the antibody or antigen sticks to the surface. Each ELISA measures a specific antigen, and kits for a variety of antigens are widely available.

MicroDigital logo.png

Mobi is a monochromator-based microplate spectrophotometer, quantifying nucleic acids, proteins, cell-based samples to ELISA results, measures wide range of samples fast and precisely. Wide range of wavelengths from 200 nm to 1,000nm allows various field applications.

Price $11,499


Product Features


  • Precise wavelength control in increments of 1nm

  • Precise readings from 6 to 384-well microplate

  • Minimum maintenance utilizing semi-permanent Xenon lamp

  • Convenient operation with either PC or tablet software

  • Can process 74 tests per hour

  • High precision low cost


MDGen AB96-COVID-19 IgG 


MicroDigital's MDGen AB96-COVID-19 IgG kit is a fast and effective COVID-19 IgG qualitative kit based on sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)


MDGen's exceptional specificity and sensitivity provides reliability. 

ELISA Test Kit thumb-1893631387_zndoS7w4

Special Offer

Free Mobi ELISA biomedical system with every purchase of 100K test kits.