Aura Air is an all-in-one indoor air purification and quality intelligence system, Aura Air filters and disinfects indoor air through a unique 4 stage purification process while vigilantly monitoring its quality in real-time. Now available in the USA!

Real-Time Feedback Of Filter/purifier Effectiveness

The Aura Air App - Monitors, Displays And Acts, based on your specified needs

A Scalable, Manageable, Displayable Solution 

Monitor multiple Aura Air units over one site, multiple sites, or even across a Local Community, or in the future - an entire City.  The customisable "Dashboard" of chosen "Events" can be displayed on a PC or a large screen monitor, for instance in a Waiting Room, Office, Restaurant or Control Centre - wherever an instant overview is required for medical reasons, or for re-enforcing staff or clients' peace of mind.

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