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Sharing, is Caring! Join our Affiliate Program

Help us make our world a healthier place to live in and be a part of the solution in bringing about food security for the world while making a positive impact on the environment and climate change by joining our affiliate program.

If you are a farm association, or a business supplying agricultural products and services, or just someone who knows and loves farmers, this can be a big financial opportunity for you.


The best part is that we help the farmer access a USDA program which pays for the BioChar and its application to the fields; making it a complete no brainier, and you can feel proud that you did a good deed by helping farmers be prosperous which in the end helps to feed us healthy nutritious food, so we can continue to do more good deeds. It's a 360 win win.

You help us get the word out and you make money.

Click Here To Get Started

Just follow a few easy steps and start selling by sharing your affiliate link.

Existing Affiliates can log in here to access their dashboard.

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